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Помилка повідомлення про неприпустимий зміст.

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Aside from a cold appreciation of my own genius I felt that I was a modest man.
Double Star (Robert A. Heinlein)


7 questions and 7 answers to them which will help you to understand better what is  about

  • What is about? is a recommendation book service which helps people to select good books to read.

  • How does it work?

    The main idea of two-books is making up a list of the world's best books.
    Each user points out his  2 most favourite books. Books pointed out by all users form this list.
    Each book on  two-books is already the best because it has changed someone's life and perception of the world. The more people think the same book to be favourite, the higher position it occupies in the list.

  • Why just two books?

    Every persen has a lot of books read during his/her life. And worth to single out just two of them which have influenced most your life and world-view to make really the list of the best.

  • Why can't I vote for the book?

    Because every book is already the best, and does not require any additional pluses or minuses.

  • Who may comment on books?

    Only he/she who has added the book may comment on it. To consider the book to be the best, there must be very weighty reasons.

  • What is on the site?

    Besides the books list made up by readers, you wil find here quotations, reviews, personal recommendations, the opportunity to build up your individual library and much more interesting of all kinds.

  • Why arn't there any  "novelties" or "bestsellers" on the site?

    We belive that "novelties" and "bestsellers" are marketing methods of selling as many books as posible. While the  service try to prompt you which books  of the written are the best.

  • In which way do we differ from other recommendation sites?

    There are no good or bad books here. Each book is the best for one of the readers.

  • Why are there more questions and answers than the promised 7?

    Life is a too complicated thing to explain this =)